Monday, May 11, 2009

Need Gerbera daisies for August 31st?

I need Gerbera Daisy blooms for my sisters wedding and wonder when I should plant them so they will be ready for the wedding. Thanks for any advice you can give.

Need Gerbera daisies for August 31st?
You should have planted them last year! If you start from seed... you are not going to get a sturdy enough flower. If you buy them from a garden center, you are going to have to plant tons of them to get enough flowers.

I think your best bed at this point would be to buy them from the florist. It may actually be cheaper than buying all those plants!

Good luck! They are beautiful. They are my FAVORITE flowers! I have a ton in my backyard! (But I am sorry. I wait for them all year long.... so I am going to be selfish and not share!)
Reply:Never heard of Gerber daisies blooming in August. I thought they were finished in May or at the latest June. 'course that depends upon where you live I suppose.
Reply:you can buy them at home depot garden center////you may not have exactly what you want if you start by seed

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