Monday, May 11, 2009

How do you get gerbera daisies to bloom?

Gerbera daisies need to be fertilized. I use Osmocote, which is a slow-release fertilizer, available at Wal-Mart and most garden centers.

They also need plenty of sun and light soil, well areated soil. Gerbera daisies will not bloom in dense or depleted soil.

This link is a bit technical (for growers and quantities) when it comes to fertilizing, but it gives good recommendations for light, soil, pH and optimum temperatures. You can use Osmocote according to the label directions in lieu of the instructions in this site. Miracle-gro will work if you fertilize every other time you water.

Be very sure your Gerbera's do not dry out and don't keep them too wet. The watering is important, but the plants will tell you when they need it. Just watch their leaves.

I hope this helps. I love my Gerbera's and spent several years getting it right. I have several pots of them blooming right now in zone 9.

How do you get gerbera daisies to bloom?
they need sun
Reply:Tips for Growing Healthy Gerber Daisies

To do their best and bloom the longest, be sure gerber daisies receive lots of light. They will need a sunny location and will even profit from additional artificial light.
Reply:My daughter bought me one last year. I just planted it out in my flower bed where it gets plenty of sun. It had returned this year and has been blooming for a week or so now............

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