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When are gerbera daisies in season?

They should grow all summer long as long as you cut off the spent flowers. That is called "deadheading" and it removes the seeds, so the plant wants to put out flowers again.

Make sure you have them in the sun most of the day.

Arent they beautifu?

When are gerbera daisies in season?
Now - it's Winter in Australia.
Reply:All summer. Just be sure to dead-head them to keep them coming all summer, otherwise they go to seed.

What won't my gerbera daisies bloom?

They're in front of a window (although not in direct sun) and I water them like twice a week. What's the deal?

What won't my gerbera daisies bloom?
Gerbera daisies are pretty picky. First off, are they young? If they have never bloomed, it may take them 6 mos. to mature enough to produce blooms. Secondly, did you plant them from store bought seed? If not, and you used seeds from some spent flower heads from seasons past, it will not bloom. This seed has come from a "hybrid" type. The seed from these types will not bloom true to form. Only the "jamesonii" variety will do this. Thirdly, Gerbera's need alot of sunlight, preferably all day long. They may stop blooming or slow down a bit, if the temp. is over 75 degrees. They need to be fertilized every couple of weeks with a water soluble fertilizer like miracle gro bloom booster or equivalent. Also, you need to let the soil dry out somewhat in between waterings. Remember, they are a flowering plant that is native to Africa, and thrive in a drier soil. They will bloom the longest when they get strong light, are fed regularly and are kept evenly moist and warm.. Hope this answers some of your questions...

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Reply:i cant keep these plants either. they are beautiful, but i just kill them, i have tried 4 times now, and i have given up before i kill another. they are too sensitive for my clumsy ways. good luck.
Reply:I have never had a problem with gerbera daisies. I stick them in the ground and they grow and bloom until winter. I dead head the blooms and they just bloom again. These plants want 12 hours of sunlight. They are true sun lovers. They also like the ground to be 60 degrees at night. If your soil has not warmed to where it holds 60 degrees, the daisy will just shiver and wait until its roots get warm. If they are in your house, they may very well be potbound. Try and lift the daisy out of the soil. If it does not yield, try to use a butter knife to lift the soil ball. If the plants roots are all tied up in knots and you cant break the roots away from the soil, your plants need to be repotted.
Reply:If they were dug up and moved they are angry and it will take a year or more for them to bloom again--they do not like being disturbed. Which side of your house--if it is north they will need more sun.

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I accidentally sprayed some of mini roses and gerbera with iron chelate powder? what should i do?

i did it about a week ago. the roses seem less affected than the gerberas. A few of them have gotten a few black spots but they seem fine despite that? the gerbera however has gotten dark discolourrations and looks really bad. the leaves have dry spots on them. i removed some of the leaves that looked beyond repair but i left the others. Should i just leave the plants for a while and let time play its course??? i think ive gone a bit overboard in my search for perfect roses and gerberas. even though i followed the instructions on the container i seem to have really botched up my plants. I also gave it to one of my plumbagos and it has shriveled up

I accidentally sprayed some of mini roses and gerbera with iron chelate powder? what should i do?
Iron causes black spots if it is concentrated like it is in chelated iron. If you haven't sprayed the leaves with water yet do that. And then just let the plants recover--unless you really overdosed them, iron is not fatal.

Caring for a gerbera daisy?

I was just given a potted gerbera daisy and I want to keep it alive as long as I possibly can (I don't usually keep flowers very long). It sits inside under artificial light because my office has no windows. I water my plants twice a week, but I don't want to do the same with this one because I'm afraid of overwatering it. Would once a week be ok? And will it still thrive under the artificial light?

Caring for a gerbera daisy?
The Gerbera is an annual, so it has a growing seaon then dies back, but don't throw it out! It will return year after year. After it's finished blooming (it can bloom for quite a while in ideal conditions; you can plant it in your yard and it will come back.

Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater. Requires consistently moist soil; do not let dry out between waterings
Reply:Gerbs are extremely sensitive to bacteria, which causes their stems to bend. Watering once a week should be just fine. Though if you find the soil to be a little dry, another watering won't hurt it. Remember to always use fresh, clean water. The artificial light from your office is perfect, since gerbs are sensitive and don't do well in direct sunlight or heat. Also, try to keep your flowers away from any drafts, as they are sensitive to these as well.

Try to keep your gerbera daisy plant free and clean of dust!

If you would like to prolong your gerbs life even more, you could always purchase a flower preservative (ex. aquaplus). Preservatives provide flowers with nutrients and helps prevent against bacteria.

Also, if you ever choose to cut and vase your gerbs -- make sure to thoroughly clean the vase and keep the water clean and fresh. If your daisies start to bend, clean the vase, change the water, and re-cut the stems.
Reply:gerberas are so touchy. water it when the soil seems dry. once a week should be ok since it's inside. if you have a window in your office, put it as close as you can to it. a shot of miracle grow once in a while would be good.

Are Gerbera Daisies offered all year round? Are they avaialable in September in New Jersey?

Since gerbera daisies really like hot weather i doubt whether they would be generally available at that time of year or if they are if they would be strong plants.

if you are asking because you want to be able to use them in a floral arrangement or for a bouquet or something you probably could get them at that time of year because florists get flowers from all over the world.

So if this is the case I would speak to the florist and place the order well in advance as they may need to be special ordered to make sure you have them when you want and need them

They are lovely though aren't they. So cheerful looking

Are Gerbera Daisies offered all year round? Are they avaialable in September in New Jersey?
I have never seen them for sale for general planting other than in the spring months, then they bloom throughout the summer. As long as they don't get sunburned, you may be able to keep some until September, but their cycle of blooming may be complete depending on where you live. Daisies need a period of cold between blooming cycles to produce blooms.

However, I have seen Gerbera Daisies in floral arrangements from retail florists year round, so if you want some in September, you may have to buy a cut flower arrangement from a florist.

What is the best month for Gerbera daisies?

Gerbera daisies are good to grow in zones 8-10, they are perennials in mild winter climates, annuals in the colder climates. If you are planting seeds, don't sow them until you know winter is completely over, if they are plants same thing. They need full sun except for very hot areas and a moist well drained soil liberally supplemented with peat moss or compost. Plant them 12-15 inches apart, feed with a 5-10-10 fertilizer scattered around each plant, and scratching it into the soil, every other month til late fall, if you daisies are not blooming well add a little liquid feed[follow mixing directions]. These plants can be divided after they start getting crowded, in about 3-4 years or sooner if you are a green thumb-er. Happy Growing!!!!!!!!!

What is the best month for Gerbera daisies?
I would say late spring, and early summer. I think they bloom best during those months.

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Question about Gerbera Daisy seeds?

This is my first post, I hope I'm doing it right.

I saved the seeds from my Gerbera daisy plants, I have tried many times to get them to grow with no luck. Does anyone know how to start the seeds? Thank you.

Question about Gerbera Daisy seeds?
Don't plant to deep -- Keep soil warm - cover with thin plastic to get humidity until they sprout. Place them in sunny window. Presto.
Reply:Hi there and welcome!

Gerbera are easy to grow IF the soil is warm enough.

They are a warm climate plant, thus suited to warm growing conditions.

Also, are you sure you have seeds and not just the fluff?

Note: 1 inch is way too deep! You should barely cover with soil and keep lighly moist till germination.
Reply:You can either start them in the house or outside in your garden in the spring.Maybe your planting them to deep.1 inch should be deep enough. If you plant the outside just rake the soil and push the seed down enough so that it's covered. Good Luck!
Reply:Gerbera seeds need light to germinate. If they don't sprout for you within 20 days, they probably aren't viable. You can also start them in spring from cuttings or dividing the root stock. good luck.